The At Work Network with Ashley Davis

From my hometown of Lafayette to my “soul city,” New Orleans, to the capital city of Baton Rouge, I’m glad Classic Hits 103.3 has given me a place to share my music obsession with you every work day!  And they don’t even make me wake up too early!  I like to think that listening to me is like hanging out with that friend who kinda talks a lot, but will go to every concert or festival with you, always wants to see your animal photos and loves to go eat with you at the newest restaurants!  I’m not gonna list my broadcasting awards here, mostly because I haven’t won any, but that time a Classic Hits 103.3 listener told me on social media that I’m your “spirit animal” was pretty freakin’ cool to me!

When I’m not on the air, I always say yes to live music, good food, and a Bloody Mary… or any other boozy concoction (I am a Louisiana girl after all).  I discovered a wig addiction thanks to my mermaid-themed fundraising and dancing Mardi Gras krewe.  I’ve got about a million costumes and a bucket list I’m trying to knock down before the big 3-0;  already checked off: cliff jumping, skydiving, and game shows.  Otherwise, I’m hosting bar trivia or napping with my cat-child Sushi.

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